Seiji Miyane joked about Goo HaRa’s revenge porn.


Seiji Miyane(宮根誠司) is a famous Japanese TV host.

What happened

On October 17th, 2018, in the tabloid talk show “Miyane-ya(ミヤネ屋)” of Yomiuri TV,  Miyane joked about Goo HaRa’s revenge porn.

Miyane and other casts talked about the news that the ex-partner of Goo HaRa threatened to reveal her revenge porn. Goo HaRa is a South Korean singer and actress.

Miyane pushed the play button on the panel, and said “doesn’t the video play?”

Norihiro Akaboshi(赤星憲広) and Mika Ahn(安美佳), commentators of the program, laughed and wouldn’t stop Miyane’s behavior.

Nobody stopped Miyane’s behavior, so he pushed the play button again and again. The behavior suggested that he wanted to broadcast the revenge porn on TV.

This incident could be regarded as a violation of Broadcasting Act (Article 4(1)(i)).

Broadcasting Act
Article 4
(1) A broadcaster must comply with the following when editing domestic broadcast programs or domestic and international broadcast programs (hereinafter referred to as “domestic broadcasts, etc.”):
(i) it must not negatively influence public safety or good morals;

Anti-revenge porn law has been enacted since 2014 in Japan. Distribution of revenge porn is illegal in Japan. Thus, Miyane’s behavior may promoted an illegal activity.

According to the article of REAL LIVE, some viewers criticized Miyane’s act, and they thought he should apologize in the program.


元KARAク・ハラのリベンジポルノ動画に「再生を期待した」 宮根誠司がまたも問題発言で炎上? – リアルライブ

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