Rough play by Higashi-Fukuoka high school student in soccer match


What happened

There was a soccer match between Higashi-Fukuoka high school and Iizuka high school on October 20th, 2018.

Takumi Nakamura(中村拓海), a player of Higashi-Fukuoka, trod on a foot of a player of Iizuka. Nakamura is also a member of U-18 Japan national team of soccer.

In addition, another player of Higashi-Fukuoka pushed the player of Iizuka.

However, both Higashi-Fukuoka players weren’t called a foul by a judge.

This is a video of the scene.

The video was spread on the Internet, and many people got to know and criticized the rough play.

Complimentary video

In the video, Takumi Nakamura talks about his favorite soccer spikes.

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