Who is Hiroshi Okawa?


Hiroshi Okawa(大川宏洋) is a son of Ryuho Okawa. Ryuho Okawa(大川隆法) is a founder and guru of Happy Science (幸福の科学 Kōfuku-no-Kagaku), which is a new religious party in Japan.

He was brought up to become the next guru of Happy Science.  And he held important positions in Happy Science.

However, on the spring of 2018, he resigned from all positions in Happy Science.

Hiroshi Okawa says he has broken off relations with Happy Science.

This is the video that he explains the reason of the separation from Happy Science.

However, Happy Science insists that Hiroshi Okawa is still a staff of Happy Science and that he is on temporary retirement.

This is the video of counter-argument by Happy Science.

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