Who is Kenichi Take?


Kenichi Take(武建一) is Chief of Kansai-Namacon(関西生コン; Branch of the fresh-concrete workers in Kansai district, National Construction Workers Union ; 全日本建設運輸連帯労働組合関西地区生コン支部).

According to the article of Shūkan Asahi, he is called “Don of fresh-concrete industry(生コン界のドン)”.

Police record


On August 28th, 2018, Take was arrested by Shiga prefecture police on suspicion of attempted extortion. Take is suspected of having threatened a branch manager of a trading company to contract with vendors of Koto Fresh-concrete Cooperative(湖東生コン協同組合) , which is under the umbrella of Kansai-Namacon.

This is the video of the scene of the arrest of Take on August 28th, 2018.

Some newspapers report the news of the arrest of Take. However, almost all of the news programs in Japan didn’t report the news, because Take and Kansai-Namacon is a taboo in Japan.

Labornet Japan(レイバーネット日本) , which publish online news and information for a democratic labor movement in Japan, persists that the arrest of Take is undeserved.

Political patronage

According to the article of Shūkan Asahi, Take supports some lawmakers such as Kiyomi Tsujimoto(辻元清美). However, Tsujimoto denied receiving donation from Take and Kansai-Namacon.


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辻元清美議員に“ブーメラン”? 生コン業界の“ドン”逮捕で永田町に衝撃 〈週刊朝日〉|AERA dot. (アエラドット)


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